Ben Schechter

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Ben Schechter
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Background information
Birth name Ben Schechter
Born (1944-09-12)August 26, 1980
Hartford, CT, United States
Genres Fusion
Occupations Director
Years active 1980-current
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Ben Schechter (born August 26, 1980) is a commercial/documentary director. I've been directing music videos and web editorial/commercial for the last 12 years. Currently working on several VR projects and a crytopcurrency documnetary. Say hi at

I’m a partner in the software/app development company Burning Flowers. We made Cat Shake (shake your phone, get a cat), which Vice, Engadget, Complex, Refinery 29, Product Hunt, and the New York Times Blog wrote about.

In 2014, I co-created Make It Rain: For The Love of Money. with Space Inch. It's a game about how running after money is pointless and fun. The app was number one in the iTunes store and has over 30 million downloads.

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